Living in Gananoque: All You Need To Know

Living in Gananoque: All You Need To Know

Are you planning to make a huge shift to the beautiful town of Gananoque in Ontario? Are you considering how your lifestyle would be in this town? Well, Gananoque is not just about the picturesque locations and backdrops. It has a lot of activities in store to keep the residents engaged.

Gananoque Vacation

Gananoque is quite a friendly town with a lot of activities around it. You can have access to all utilities and emergency services. For instance, if you are going around town in your car and you get locked out, you can rely on Locksmith Pros for the best car lockout services. They also provide emergency lock replacements, home lockouts, and burglary repairs at rather affordable prices.

Here are some things you can do while you stay in Gananoque.

Thousand Islands Playhouse

If you are a fan of art and theatre, then this is the best solution for you. Undoubtedly, it is the most scenic theatre in the whole country. This is an air-conditioned theatre, with a capacity of 360 seats.

Apart from the play ahead, you can treat yourself to the beautiful view of the moon during intermission. With friendly staff and comfortable seating, this is the perfect night out with your loved ones.

Gan Brewing Company

Gananoque has the most amazing brewery for all the nearby resident enthusiasts. This is Ontario’s best brewery located in a classic 19th-century building.

Beer tasting takes on a new shape in this beautiful place. You can treat yourself to some high-quality beer at very reasonable prices. You can take a tour of the entire brewery while tasting their beer.

St. John’s Catholic Church

What is a good neighborhood without a nice Catholic church? This is a beautiful church with a slate roof and limestone walls to give it a traditional outlook. This beautiful architecture does attract a lot of the locals here. If you live in Gananoque, you can spend your Sunday mornings in prayer while enjoying the view and architecture.

Joel Stone Heritage Park and Splash Pad

What would be a good way to spend your weekend in the town? This is the perfect family outing amidst a picturesque backdrop and a nice beach getaway. Along with that, you can spend time in the well-groomed park. Apart from soaking in the natural environment, you can also go for a light swim to enjoy the place’s beauty. This is especially useful for a light summer evening.

1000 Islands History Museum

Gananoque is a place with rich history and culture. And if you want to take a trip through the beautiful history of this town, the 1000 Islands History museum would be the ideal place. The museum building essentially reflects upon the earliest cottages built in the Golden Era.

What do you get to see in this beautiful museum? Well, you get interactive displays, videos, and other artifacts from the same time.

Shorelines Casino Thousand Islands

For every gambling enthusiast, how wonderful would it be to have a casino in the local area? Well, Gananoque has the perfect combination of a party area with the casino. Not only can you try your hand at gambling and your favorite games, but you can also engage in the best meals in the dining area. The prime rib and lobster tails are a crowd favorite in this part of the town. At reasonable prices, you can have a fun day out.

Sculpture Park

What is the perfect place to hang out for the weekend in Gananoque? Well, a sculpture park is a perfect getaway for your family. What you get here are some of the most exquisite sculptures to take a look at the culture of this beautiful, scenic town. The river that cuts through the park is home to a number of swans and geese. This is an absolute must-visit spot in Gananoque.

Confédération Park

If you are a fan of parks and natural settings, this is another popular destination in Gananoque. This is a well-maintained park with a host of wildlife and to present a natural, green setting. What do you get here? Well, apart from the natural flora and fauna, you have access to a town hall, a beautiful waterfall, and some old trains to give it a traditional background.

Municipal Marina

If you are looking to spend a lazy afternoon in the local Gananoque neighborhood, you could visit the Municipal Marina for the best time. It gives the best views of the St. Lawrence Seaway. You can sit on the benches nearby to enjoy the views.

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