Sanctuary For Kingston

Sanctuary For Kingston

Sanctuary For Kingston

What is Sanctuary? If you live in Kingston, Sanctuary is the name of a new community co-working space located within the former Queen Street United Church.

After becoming vacant, Queen Street United Church which was built in 1864 was purchased in 2012 by BPE Developments with plans to convert the heritage space into luxury condominiums. This plan however did not come to fruition and with that, the co-working space was created.

What is a co-working space you ask? It is a collection of private offices and general office space generally occupied by self-employed professionals and smaller businesses that don’t require a large office area. The purpose of a co-working space is not only to save on cost but also to share facilities, equipment, ideas and knowledge. A co-working space creates a sense of community.

The cost to rent space within the shared community will range from $315 to $1,650 per month or rent a space by the hour! Included in the cost are amenities such as high speed internet, hydro, kitchen facilities, conference and event rooms, 24/7 access and spaces come fully furnished.

A few additional features of the building are reserved parking spaces (for a fee), bike racks and shower facilities and easy access to public transit.

Tenants have already begun to move into their new work spaces and there is still space for you. Check out what they have to offer at