A new look for a new school year

St. Lawrence College

A new look for a new school year

St. Lawrence College students were greeted Tuesday by many changes since their departure last spring.  The $42-million Hello Future project, funded by Federal and Provincial Government along with the St. Lawrence College Student Association, has been a work in progress over the past two years.  As part of that project, the college has now accomplished a $3.4 million expansion which provides students with an innovation centre, more student space and a revamped main entrance.

The bulk of the college changes are still to come and should be completed by this time next year, including a large venue, student pub and new double gym. Construction of Stage 3 of the project, an 80,000 square foot space is currently underway on the south side of the campus.

Sophie Kiwala, Kingston and the Islands MPP toured the facility on Tuesday and said “This is an important investment for Kingston, an important investment for St. Lawrence College, and we’re seeing the difference that it’s making”.  “It’s one of those great examples where you see both levels of government coming together to create community projects”.

The buzz around campus was filled with excitement for new changes and changes yet to come.  Creating a larger, more efficient educational facility will create a more welcoming environment and make St. Lawrence College the place to be for post-secondary education in Kingston.

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